New Star Wars games to be canonical

Star Wars was an early cinematic love of mine. As someone who got into science fiction and fantasy at a young age, the rich, lived-in universe of Star Wars was fascinating. From the desert bandits to the evil imperial Emperor, the Star Wars universe was detailed and complex enough to be real, despite being complete fantasy.

My love belongs to the original trilogy. To me, the prequels felt creatively bankrupt. The universe was as gorgeous as ever, but man, the story and dialogue were atrocious.

I never dove into the Extended Universe (EU), but was fascinated by how it was designed to be consistent within itself and the films. However, that consistency was a one-way street, with the films not being beholden to the EU’s creations. That has now changed.

From now on, all new EU creations, including video games, will be canonical. Lucasfilm claims selected aspects of the existing EU will be introduced into the new material, which will be determined by their newly-formed story group.

For EU lovers, this creates a unified narrative across all Star Wars-related media. I’m not going to jump in now, but I am interested in how this affects Visceral Games’ in-development Star Wars project.