Nintendo Direct reveals a plethora of new details regarding Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is coming out one month from today, and to celebrate its impending release, Nintendo made a Nintendo Direct video that revealed many new juicy tidbits about the title.

I can't wait to play as these rambunctious Koopas

Here are some key announcements made regarding Mario Kart 8:

Bonus Game Promotion – fans buying Mario Kart 8, either through retail or the eShop, will be eligible to receive a free download code for one of ten free games (in the UK; the offer goes down to one of five games in the U.S., because I CAN’T EVER BE HAPPY). All one has to do to gain eligibility is register an accompanying Club Nintendo PIN code of the game with Club Nintendo between May 30th and July 31st. This offer also applies to Club Nintendo PIN codes included in the Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition game and Mario Kart 8 Premium Pack – Special Edition hardware bundle. A list of the ten games eligible for the promotion and more details regarding the bonus can be found here (the U.S. promotion info can be found here).

Online Multiplayer – up to 12 peeps can race together online in Mario Kart 8, with four ways to find opponents (Global, Regional, Friends and Rivals, and Tournament). Wanna talk to your buddies during the race? Too bad; gamers can only chat up their friends in the lobby area before the race using the GamePad microphone. Players can create public or private tournaments while setting dates, times, and rules, and race against ghost data from friends or the top 10 worldwide racers (beating any ghost from the Mario Kart 8 development team will net you a special Miiverse stamp).

Mario Kart TV – this in-game channel contains Highlight Reels where players can view the races and tournaments they take part in, with rewind and slow motion replay. Gamers can also comment on the most popular Highlight Reels, as well. If you have a Google account, you can upload your races directly to YouTube from within Mario Kart TV or post them to Miiverse (TECHNOLOGY).

New Items – if you are like me, you absolutely despise Blue Shells. It looks like our savior from these monstrosities has come in the form of the new Super Horn, which blows away items, shells, and other drivers, so you can finally maintain your lead instead of coming up with 100 new curses after getting hit with a Blue Shell for the umpteenth time. Also being introduced is the Crazy Eight, a swirl of eight different items that gamers can use one by one.

New Racers – two new ladies join the Mario Kart fray: Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina. Pink Gold Peach is a heavyweight who shines with a golden light, while Baby Rosalina seems to have been added only to round out the other baby characters, which should be creating a time paradox since they race with their older selves. Once again, players can use their Miis as a playable character, making the total amount of racers a nice, round 30.

Details regarding bundles can be found here and here (the U.K. keeps getting better bundles, dammit), while the spankin’ new Mario Kart 8 website can be found here. Check out a New Features trailer below, as well as the Mario Kart 8-flavored Nintendo Direct in its entirety. The game is looking wonderful to me, with its robust features; what do you guys think?

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