Bloodrayne: Betrayal finally brings its sexiness over to Steam

Sexy vampire Rayne is back in a new 2-D adventure, provided you missed Bloodrayne: Betrayal on consoles. Betrayal has been updated from its former 2011 version, and is available on Steam for $9.99.

Was it intentional to make the two Os look like breasts?

Betrayal got polarizing reviews back in the day, mostly due to its unforgiveable difficulty. Developer Abstraction Games hopes to rectify this with increased precision for Rayne’s movements, re-balanced puzzles and challenges, and additional checkpoints littered throughout the game.

Rayne must defeat the undead using her vampire powers and also tackle environmental puzzles like blood seals, grinder switches, floodlights, and towering pillars of blood. Rayne can take out her foes in a variety of ways, using abilities such as Infection (makes enemies explode), Heel Stomp (curb stomp enemies), and Drain (which lets Rayne drain her foes’ blood and replenish her health). Rayne’s weapons include her trademark blades, a pistol for ranged knock-downs, and a beam weapon that doubles as a reflective shield to help solve puzzles. Blood Fountains that refill your health and grant you a checkpoint are now more plentifully laid out, which will hopefully alleviate some of the issues gamers and critics had with Betrayal‘s original release.

Players can grab Bloodrayne: Betrayal on Steam here. Anyone taking a bite out of this more balanced version?

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