Sir, You Are Being Hunted is officially released

The procedurally generated survival stealth game Sir, You Are Being Hunted has hit the v1.0 mark today, meaning the game is officially out of beta and into release. Big Robot funded the game via a Kickstarter campaign back in November of 2012, and the British developers has the game out on Steam Early Access since August of 2013.

“We’re extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished, and people generally can’t believe we made a game of this complexity with just three people,” said creative director Jim Rossignol. “It’s an amazing feeling to hit this level of completeness. ”

The v1.0 update provides the final touch-ups to this open-world stealth and survival game featuring top-hat wearing tweedbots. It also provides an opportunity to publish the official trailer to the game, which you will find below.

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