Bound by Flame launch trailer heats things up

Guess what is happening this Friday… Bound by Flame, an RPG from Spider Studios and Focus Home Interactive, will be released. Friday is an uncommon release day for a game, but no worries, because it also makes a great start to the weekend. And who knows, maybe it would make a great gift for mom on Mother’s Day.. if your mom is into that sort of stuff (which would be pretty awesome).

To celebrate the impending release of the game come May 9th, you can check out the official launch trailer posted today on YouTube. The video highlights an important aspect of the game, which is the relationship between the hero and the flame demon that possesses him. Through your decisions that you make throughout the game, this will give way to how much of your physical form becomes transformed via the flame demon, which will impact your characters skills.

Bound by Flame will be available Friday for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. There are no immediate plans for a Xbox One release.