DC Universe Online Brings the Fury

They say Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, imagine a tribe of scorned super powered Amazons rampaging through Gotham City. This is the setting for the new DC Universe Online DLC Amazon Fury Part 1.

Amazon Fury takes place in an alternate Gotham City called Gotham Under Siege, where the queen of the Amazons has attacked Gotham City because of Brainac’s attack on the Amazon home Paradise Island. The Amazon queen Hippolyta blames humans for Braniac’s attack and creates an alliance with Cerce to get her revenge, while Wonder Woman goes against her mother with an army of Amazons to help defend Gotham City and mankind.

The DLC will feature the new open area Gotham Under Siege, a four-player alert adventure and two new duos. Players will also be able to play as either Wonder Woman or Circe in new solo iconic visions, which will allow players to take part in events which have led up to the Amazon civil war.

The DLC is the first part of the Amazon Fury trilogy and is available today on PC, PS3, and PS4. For more, check out the DC Universe website here.