One man developer Fenix Of Green Studios shows off projects at C2E2 2014



Mixed in among the comic book vendors, there sat Fenix Of Green Studios and its one man dev team. Haven’t heard of Fenix Of Green Studios? Neither had I, but this is what C2E2 is all about, especially for those whom we haven’t seen anything from yet. Show me your (soft)wares!

Ethan Dillon, the one man team himself, was there to take us through his projects that he has been working on for mobile devices. We were greeted with 3 tablets, each showing off retro-looking games that beckon the years of old school Atari and our love of arcade cabinets. He is currently working on three projects at the moment, Purger.exe, Angle Vox, and Pit Black. All three games feature retro graphics, an original soundtrack, and the hard work and sweat of one single guy.

Fenix Of Green's Ethan Dillon at C2E2

Fenix Of Green's Ethan Dillon at C2E2.

I was only able to play Angle Vox, a game where you control 3 different shapes (square, circle, triangle) in a series of platforming levels. But the twist is that each shape represents a certain play style. Therefore, playing as the square was more of a Super Mario style of play, whereas playing as the circle gives you more of a Sonic the Hedgehog feel to it. The levels are challenging, and the game works well on the mobile touchscreen.

Talking with Ethan, he said a lot of people were comparing his game Pit Black to Limbo, and watching fellow TVGB Editor Andrew Burrage play, it seemed like a reasonable comparison… it was like watching a creepy retro version of Limbo. I would definitely take that comparison as a compliment.

Ethan said he hopes to get the games out soon. Although, according to some recent posts on his twitter account @fenixofgreen, it appears that their first release will be Gigamites. This wasn’t on display at the booth, but this may have been something he was working on knowing it would hit the App Store soon.

For more info on Fenix Of Green Studios, head over to the official facebook page.