Explore for boarkind with new puzzler Full Bore


An indie puzzle game by the name of Full Bore: The First Dig was released on Steam yesterday for Windows and Linux users.  Developed by three-man studio Whole Hog Games in southern California, Full Bore is an open-world, pixel-style, exploratory block puzzler in which the character, a young boar, must dig through collapsing mines, mysterious laboratories, and technological ruins to reclaim the lost past of boarkind.

Full Bore focuses less on conflict, and more on solving puzzles and figuring out how to move on to new areas.  The game features over a hundred areas to explore, many of them hidden.  As you progress, you will find that different blocks move or work in different ways, and so figuring out how each block works will lead you deeper and deeper into the world, finding new puzzles to solve as you go.  You can always return to older areas using teleportation devices.  The developers urge players to be curious and figure out what’s there at their own pace.  If you love exploring every gritty corner, then this game is probably for you!  The game also features a blues-inspired soundtrack recorded by Miguel Acuña and the Adjective Plural Noun.

Full Bore: The First Dig was originally funded early last year through Kickstarter, raising $16,383, almost $3,000 more than their goal amount.  The extra money allowed them to meet a stretch goal, where they added Linux support for the game.  Later, last December, the developers were able to get the game greenlit through Steam, allowing them to finish the game and finally release it on the digital distribution platform this month.  Those that buy it on Steam also get part 2 of the game, Into Hard Earth, as part of the deal, in addition to “boaring trading cards” (get it?) as well as achievements and even more puns!


Full Bore looks like a pretty fun game, giving puzzles with a story in a very old-school Metroid-esque style (sans enemies).  If you want in on the strange, boar-filled exploration, head on over to Steam and pick it up for $15 (as of writing this, it’s currently on sale for $13.49).