What is the TVGB Team Playing? / May 2014


Have you ever been curious to know what the team plays when we are not writing (or working)? Do you wonder what type of gamers we are?

Every month, we will give you updates to what we are playing currently and why, just so we can quench your thirst of curiosity.


Cody Shults (Executive Editor)

Cody is devoting all of his gaming time on Mass Effect 2 than The Elder Scrolls Online. Yes, he still has not beaten Mass Effect 2 even though Mass Effect 4 is almost fully developed and ready for its official announcement.

Why is he spending less time on The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, he is a little peeved at the constant spam of bots. Bots are constantly trying to sell him gold and waiting to pounce on bosses to loot their dead carcasses. Try not to mention “bots” and “The Elder Scrolls Online” in the same sentence to Cody; he might go on a rampage.


Andy Burrage (Editor)

On a sale a long, long time ago, Andy bought Fallout: New Vegas on a whim. He had never played any of the Fallout series before (which some went for free at the end of last year). Two years later, he decided to give the game a shot.

He has spent 15 hours in the game taking up side quests, talking to people, and still has not even reached New Vegas. He has also thought about how he wants his other characters to be like in future playthroughs. Do you think he’s a little addicted to it?


Arthur Damian (Editor)

  • Devil May Cry HD Collection (Xbox 360)

When Devil May Cry HD Collection showed up on sale via the Games on Demand list for $12, Arthur could not resist reliving Devil May Cry’s ‘s hilariously bad dialogue and Devil May Cry 3’s electric guitar that shoots bats.

He would have preferred, though, if the high-definition collection skipped the second game; he hates it with a “fury of a million suns” and will not even mention its name.


Derek Bartnett (Senior Author)

Dark Souls was one of Derek’s favorite games of the last generation, so he had to try out Dark Souls II, which he thinks is equally as awesome as the first one. He is also happy that he decided to wait a month and a half after its official console release for the PC version; he prefers playing action games on 60 frames per second.


Kenneth Cummings (Author)

What can you do when your PC dies? Well, you can be like Kenneth and spend more time playing console games.

He is currently hooked into Persona 3 FES after being influenced by his friends and his favorite YouTube channel. He has logged a little over 200 hours after completing the main campaign (The Journey) and is on to the epilogue (The Answer).

By the way, if you are one of our European readers and have a PS3, Persona 3 FES just came out to the European PlayStation Network a couple of months ago.


Albert Eres (Author)

Albert likes adventure and platform games. Mini Ninjas is a kid-friendly adventure game, and Dokuro is an eye-catching 2D platform game. Therefore, Albert will play and like Mini Ninjas and Dokuro.

It also helps that he bought Mini Ninjas for $5 during the Flash Sale coinciding the PlayStation Network’s Golden Week Sale and Dokuro for $2.99 after its massive price drop.


David Logan (Author)

David is enjoying his sweet gaming time to finish two great RPGs that merit sequels. It took him some years to get halfway through the timeless classic, Legend of Dragoon. Other RPG enthusiasts would agree too; its riveting storyline, unique battle system, and catchy music should be enjoyed slowly like drinking a good expensive wine.

He has also been working on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning for six months now. Those six months have been spent battling huge monsters to get tons of loot and upgrade his weapons for his ultimate goal of being “the badass of all badasses” in the game.

Yet he is disappointed that none of these games are likely to get sequels. He is this close to starting an email campaign to light a fire under these developers to get these sequels.

You’re not the only one, David. At one point, even Electronic Arts hoped for a Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning sequel.


Michael Phillips (Author)

Michael heard a lot about Octodad: Dadliest Catch when it originally came out on Steam. When he heard that it was coming to the PS4, he had to dive in and live a nonsensical life as an octopus for the time being.


Robert Price (Author)

After doing a very positive collective review on Smite, Robert was smitten to spending countless of hours in this game. Its hold on him has even stopped him from playing sessions of Magic: The Gathering.

He claims that the game has an excellent community, which believes in philanthropy, than some of the other multiplayer online battle arena games out there.


So there you have it. Are you like any of us? Are you playing the same games? What are you playing? Sound off on the comments section below.