TVGB Weekend Digest / The first ever!


The first full week of May has given us gamers a lot of things to talk about. Whether you’re into ice hockey fightsfiery demon possession, spider-like and Amazonian superheroes, and World of Warcraft, there is something for you.








This week has given the team a good mix of videogame previes, releases, reviews, interviews, and deals.

Did you catch that huge announcement by Nintendo? Looks like you will be able to “catch ’em all” again with a remake of a Pokémon game that graced many Game Boy Advances a decade ago later this year.

Are you thinking about picking up the newest Spider-Man game? Make sure you check out Michael Phillip’s review on the movie-based videogame. It should give you a good idea whether actually controlling Spider-Man as he web slings all over New York City is just as good as watching him do so in the big screen.

Kristen Spencer got to speak with the Sorcery! game creator, Jon Ingold. They discuss the gamebook’s port into a videogame and the future for both the Sorcery! series and Inkle.

Finally, if you have not gotten the chance to read it, some of the team members proved their gaming street cred by reporting what they are all currently playing at the moment. Another fellow gamer proved his ultimate gaming street cred by rebuilding that famous temple in the Legend of Zelda series in glorious high definition. Talk about dedication!