REVIEW / The Last Tinker: City of Colors (PC)


This article is designed to follow-up my preview of The Last Tinker: City of Colors written back in March. Here is a quick recap of what that article covered: You play a monkey boy named Koru who has the power to “Tinker.” Tinkering allows Koru to wield the powers of the color spirits that rule the land. With these powers, Tinkers can manipulate and create just about anything as long as the idea behind the creation is strong enough. However, it is these powers that cause Koru to get manipulated by an evil color spirit. He gets tricked and releases Bleakness, the anti-color (see below), into the world.


Koru fighting bleak monsters, servants of the Bleak spirit.


For the remainder of the game, it is up to Koru and Tap, his pinata-shaped best friend, to stop Bleak and his army of white monsters from taking over the City of Color. However, before ever being released, Bleak has already hurt the color spirits in the world. The color spirits, Red, Blue and Green, have become tainted and are now spirits of anger (Red), depression (Blue) and fear (Green). Despite this, Koru still manages to utilize the powers of the spirits in order to fight his neutral-colored adversaries.


Koru using his Green abilities to make his opponents fearful.


The Last Tinker: City of Color is a phenomenal game that anyone could enjoy. The interesting, fun-filled story and color-based combat is just a taste of what the game has in store. The Last Tinker comes loaded with unique visuals, hand-drawn characters and original backgrounds. Throw in the fact that it is a 3D platforming, adventure game, and you have one solid PC game.


Rail Grinding – This is how Koru likes to get around town.

My only qualms with The Last Tinker: City of Color is that the control scheme is a little hard to get used to unless you have an Xbox controller (which I don’t). Regular PC controls include an assortment of left and right clicks and various keys to press or hold down as well. Also, the voices in the game are rather irritating. Anytime you talk with someone in the game, they sound like one of those stuffed animals that makes a noise if squeezed correctly. Except it’s getting punched and squeezed repeatedly. It really takes away from the overall “coolness” of the game when every time you have a conversation with someone you feel like you are playing a game for kindergarteners.


The Color Spirits.


I do wish it was a bit longer too. The game only takes about 8 hours to complete, but is totally worth the play through. Who doesn’t love a platformer with a fun, inventive storyline, eye-pleasing visuals and entertaining game play? Despite its awkward control scheme, annoying npc voices and short length, The Last Tinker: City of Color is still an easy recommendation, its strengths far outweighing its weaknesses.