Xbox One kicks Kinect to the curb, becomes $399


Ask and ye shall receive. One of the main pillars keeping Xbox One in second place to the PS4 is about to disappear. Starting June 9th you will be able to purchase an Xbox One for $399. How did they do this you ask? They are accomplishing this by removing the Kinect. Yes it is true, if you don’t want a Kinect you no longer have to buy one.

When the Xbox One was announced Microsoft made a big deal about how Kinect would greatly improve the next gen gaming experience. Fast Forward to six months post launch and there is only one game that uses it and the controls are not very good. The overall mood in that gaming community is that Kinect is just an unnecessary accessory and Microsoft is finally listening to its fans.

The new Xbox One is available for pre-order on Amazon and ships on the same day as their E3 press conference. You can of course still buy an Xbox One with Kinect if you want, but why would you do that?