First DLC for Titanfall, entitled Expedition, plummets out of the sky and onto PC and Xbox One May 15th

Get ready for a more massive Frontier: Respawn Entertainment has revealed that the first Titanfall DLC pack, Expedition, will be ready for download May 15th for the Xbox One and PC (the 360 version will be seeing Expedition in June).

Get ready for that luscious background to be engulfed in flames

Expedition introduces three new maps to Titanfall‘s Frontier: Runoff, Swampland, and War Games. Expedition is the first of three DLC expansions planned for Titanfall, each setting gamers back $9.99. Alternatively, players can opt for the Titanfall Season Pass for $24.99 and get the three expansions as soon as they become available and save five WHOLE DOLLARS. The Season Pass is available through the 360, Xbox One, and Origin, and content must be redeemed by March 11th, 2016 (don’t wait two years to activate the pass and come crawling back to me saying I didn’t tell you so!).

More info on Titanfall can be found at its website. And because I love you all very much, a gameplay trailer for the DLC is embedded below. Anyone picking this up tomorrow?

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