TVGB Weekend Digest / “Kinect-ing” this week altogether


So it only took Microsoft half a year to drop the Kinect in the Xbox One package and lower the console’s price. Did anybody else see that coming? Read Alex Pineda’s opinion on Microsoft’s decision.

Besides this big news from Microsoft, take a look at what the team has written about this week.







Are you almost ready for Watch Dogs? (Did you manage to secure a free copy by upgrading your graphics card?) Get yourself even more pumped by watching this nine-minute trailer that will tell you everything you want to know about the game.

Planning to pick up Ultra Street Fighter IV and not quite sure when the version(s) you want will be released? Check out the release dates for each consoles and take a gander at the nice costumes you can get if you place a pre-order.

Noe Ponce was crazy busy this week reviewing two very colorful PC games: one that involves exploration of a tranquil world to unlock its mysteries and another that involves beating up monsters black and blue to show their true colors.

If you want to see a glimpse of how being in college and developing games as a hobby can work, read Cody Shults’s interview with a bunch of DePaul University students and their amazing game that involves wolves and caves (and gladly no high-school girls and their vampire boyfriends).