REVIEW / Toy Rush (iOS)


With tweets like “Game of the Week”, Toy Rush has become an incredibly popular game in a short space of time, and despite its child-like theme, it is actually quite strategic. It combines card collecting and tower defense with cute toys, which look like they couldn’t hurt a fly, ultimately leading to underestimation and destroyed bases. With deadly jax sets and robust plush bears like Chunk, Toy Rush is an unpredictable toy box of entertainment.



There are many aspects to this game. You have a variety of weapons to take down turrets, such as bombs, projectile rainbows, ground breaking pounds and even a long distance shooting frog, as well as defensive cards that are used to absorb damage, prevent enemy turrets from working and make toys move slowly. You even have the potential to boost or upgrade your offensive or defensive cards respectively, making your use of these cards more important. There are many card types:

  • Plush – defensive toys used to absorb damage
  • Beast – Allies that deal damage
  • Tech – Robotic allies that deal damage
  • Action – Uses cards such as the sponge to clear traps, ice blocks to freeze turrets and Mr. Boost, who increases damage dealt by your offensive cards
  • Building – These are used to build your base, change themes and build things faster
  • Defenses – Used for turret upgrades and hazards
  • Bonuses – Extra caps or tickets you may pick up along the way



Not only are there many card types, but the individual types have cards that vary in the way they attack or absorb damage. Some are high range only, some are airborne and some are just incredibly powerful. There are even Super Toys which can be found, if you are really lucky, in card packs. These toys can be used infinitely and are really powerful, tanking a lot of damage while dishing it out.

Toy Rush uses two kinds of currency: Tickets and Bottle Caps. Tickets are obtained by destroying bases in both multiplayer and single player mode as well as in your own ticket box, while the Bottle Caps can be gained in small amounts after some successful invasions, on rare occasions, and by unlocking achievements. The quickest way to get Bottle Caps is to buy them. But since they are not necessary to progress in the game, as there are many ways to get the cards you would need, it’s not the best way to do so.



The multiplayer aspect of this game is really cool. You start with your own base, which you hope to eventually build into a fortress, using bubble-gum, damage reduction and damage dealing traps, as well as powerful turrets, which you can upgrade. Your base can be attacked by people worldwide that want to steal your tickets so it’s important that you protect your assets as well as you can. You can also attack other players’ bases and join clubs with your friends and strangers alike, whilst making convo and potential allies in the global chat, as well as trade cards. What I like about the multiplayer mode is that it’s simple. You can create a group, join the group or play solo. It’s up to you. The match ups are determined by reputation. In other words, you will not be attacking (or get attacked by) players with ridiculous cards, if you are just level 3. It’s a very fair system.

All in all Uber Entertainment have done a good job with this game. It’s a lot of fun to play and despite the potentially aggravating wait that occurs if you have misplayed and lost all of your cards, Toy Rush is really balanced. One downside is that it is only available on iOS, so unfortunately for Android users, Toy Rush cannot be played on your phones or tablets but I’ve really enjoyed it so far and I’m sure there is more fun to be had.