Strategic turn-based physics fighter Toribash coming to Steam free-to-play

Innovative indie title Toribash is now available on Steam, and is free-to-play. In Toribash, players can create their own moves and customise their character before heading online to compete with other combatants from around the world. Instead of focusing on frantic action and button mashing, developer Nicalis Inc. has opted for a more focused approach, wherin players control each individual joint on their character-called a Tori-to perform a nearly unlimited number of fine-tuned moves and fighting styles. Having been greenlit by the commnity, Hampus Soderstrom of Nabi Studios had this to say about the game coming to Steam:

Steam is going to be amazing for Toribash. Even just getting access to the built-in auto-update has made rolling out new features faster and easier. Having achievements pop up in real time is very cool too. We had always planned to do a friend list with some kind of messaging system, but it never came together because the overhead was just too much for a game like Toribash. With Steam, though, we get access to a great friends system, much better than the one we have in Toribash right now.

Following in the vein of other physics-based fighting games such as Rag Doll Kung Fu and Overgrowth, Toribash promises to be an intense martial arts simulator with a lot of potenial. To download Toribash, head over to its Steam page here: