Always Sometimes Monsters available on Steam


Developer Vagabond Dog has just released their new indie-rpg(ish… thing) Always Sometimes Monsters. Players will choose characters of differing races, genders and sexual orientation before setting out on a road-trip-style quest to reunite with their lost love, who is set to marry another man/woman/it’s-2014-whatever-you-like.

The story, a pseudo-biographical retelling of Vagabond Dog cofounder Justin Amirkhani’s own hitchhiking experiences, promises an adaptive storytelling experience tailored to player’s choices: what odd-jobs they take, what parties they support in the conflicts they come across, and presumably which creepy truckers they shack up with to make it across the border. Gameplay seems to be mostly conversational mixed with light adventure fare, and considering that the developers recommend keeping “the Kleenex and bourbon ready” it seems emotional rollercoasters are the order of the day.

You check out our recent preview of Always Sometimes Monsters here:

For the weepy gamer in all of us it can be found on Steam, GOG, and Humble at a 10% discount for a short time after launch (which, to re-iterate, is today).