Grab a free Steam key for the extended edition of Afterfall: InSanity


Indie Gala, a bundle discounter of videogames like Humble Bundle, is offering limited quantities of the extended edition of Afterfall: InSanity for Steam. An existing Steam account must be linked with an Indie Gala account to redeem the key.

Hurry! Get your free copy before they're all gone.

Afterfall: InSanity is a survival horror videogame made by Intoxicate Studios. Set in an alternate version of what happened after World War II, the game follows the story of a medical team member who specializes in treating a mental condition called “confinement syndrome.” The syndrome is caused by being caged for long periods of time, which ironically, the protagonist also suffers from.

To grab a free copy:

  1. Complete the form on the Indie Gala’s promotional page.
  2. Submit the completed form.
  3. Activate your Indie Gala account from the email automatically sent to you. (If you have an existing Indie Gala account, the link will automatically take you to the Indie Gala page to sign in.)
  4. Click on the “My Profile” link at the top right of the Indie Gala page.
  5. Click on the Afterfall: InSanity link and then the Steam button to link your Indie Gala and Steam accounts and automatically claim the game.

Again, this free offer goes on until supply lasts.

To find out more on how to grab a free copy of the extended edition of Afterfall: InSanity, visit this Indie Gala website.

To find out more about Afterfall: InSanity, visit its official website.