Murdered: Soul Suspect gets an extremely detailed trailer telling you everything you need to know about the title

A new trailer has been unveiled by Square Enix regarding their new IP, Murdered: Soul Suspect. In the title, players control Ronan O’ Connor, a Salem police detective who dies by the hands of a mysterious murderer called the Bell Killer. Caught in a purgatory named Dusk, Ronan must use his past detective skills in conjunction with his new supernatural powers in order to solve other murders committed around Salem, including his own.

SPOILER ALERT: the following trailer will explain the basic plot of Soul Suspect, so proceed at your own risk!

As the trailer demonstrates, Ronan can walk through walls, possess the living, converse with a medium, escape or engage evil spirits, and DEDUCE.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is due out on June 3rd for the 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, and PC. This game looks really cool; anyone interested in picking it up?

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