Child of Light Coming To PS Vita

Ubisoft have announced that Child of Light will be released digitally on PlayStation Vita on July 1st, 2014. It is a turn-based RPG set in the spectacularly presented magical world of Lemuria, where fairy tales are recreated throughout a young hero’s journey. Aurora, the protagonist, is a princess that was taken from her home and must return while restoring the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to their rightful places after they were held captive by the Queen of the Night.

Child of Light is graphically stunning, with backgrounds that look like they belong in an art gallery and delightful characters to match. Powered by UbiArt Framework, it is no surprise that CoL looks so good. UbiArt has been used for Rayman Legends and Valiant Hearts; games that have been praised for how good they look, showing that 2D is still good enough to compete with 3D games.

As well as fun puzzles and an excellent combat system, combining turn based and real time elements, Child of Light gives you the opportunity to play co-operatively with one person using Igniculus, who despite being a helper is actually vital in battle. He picks up important items such as health and mana as well as slowing down enemies. If you do not have someone else to play with him you can even control him yourself.

With Shakespearean like dialect and Van Gogh like backgrounds, Child of Light has gotten incredible reviews on all the platforms it’s already been released on. Its combination of elegance, spectacular visuals and clever combat system has given us RPG lovers a reason to smile, but despite all this, its forced use of poetry and hard-to-get-into nature has been its bane since its release. It seems that the gamers who have played CoL have the general consensus that they just don’t bond with the game or the characters the way you would in other RPGs, with some branding Aurora “a brat” and others harshly proclaiming that they don’t want to bring her home. There are clearly things to be worked on from Ubisoft’s point of view, but Child of Light has enough about it to be a great platform for greater things.

The PS Vita needs new games and while it isn’t going to set the world alight (pun intended), CoL will give it a big boost. It has a little bit of everything. It’s fun to play, good to look at and despite being just 12 hours long, it has enough about it to be engaging while not feeling chaotic.

Child of Light is already available to download on all platforms: Xbox LIVE for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, the eShop from Nintendo for the Wii U, and PC Digital.