TVGB Weekend Digest / Almost always reviewing


One of the TVGB team’s goals this year is to inform you guys of which new games are worth your hard-earned dollars and precious time. The team is almost always/most likely/almost sometimes reviewing any videogame-related thing we can get our little hands on, whether it may be a toy-themed card game on the iOS, a really odd JRPG game resembling Dragon Warrior, or a revamp of a popular flash game turned indie.

In fact, the team has been busy this week, giving you seven reviews, including a review on an Xbox One modified controller.







Speaking of “almost always/most likely/almost sometimes,” the love story indie game that knows no boundaries, Always Sometimes¬†Monsters, was released this week. Andrew Burrage gave a very detailed preview of the game a few weeks ago if you want to read more about its very interesting and unique concept. If you decide that it might be worth a try or you just have to play it, Steam and GOG are still giving a 10% discount on their websites.

We also got a first look on two highly-anticipated titles this week. Looks like Batman’s getting a new suit, and Talion can overpower his weapons using runes.

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