GOG Galaxy, the Steam alternative


It looks like GOG.com is offering an alternative to Steam. GOG Galaxy is a gaming service that wants to give you true ownership of your games. While there isn’t much info on the service, save for the video found on www.gog.com/galaxy, the service is basically sticking it in the face of other online gaming services, including Steam, Origin, and Uplay, by offering true offline play.

The platform will offer GOG.com games in their DRM-free format, which sounds to me like it is basically a nice client that will have all your GOG.com purchases conveniently in one place, instead of having to login to their website to access install files.

You can watch the video below via YouTube. GOG.com will release more news on the service in the coming year.

You can also sign up for a chance to play the multiplayer beta for The Witcher Adventure Game by scrolling down below the GOG Galaxy video at www.gog.com/galaxy.