Sony’s “Project Morpheus” freaks out Jimmy Fallon!

Just in case you don’t watch late night talk shows, there has been a surge of hosts trying out new video games and console options in the past year (I’m looking at you, Conan O’Brien). While all of them have been moderately funny to just embarrassingly boring, last night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon showed a hilarious and genuine reaction to VR gaming from both Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum.

While I am wide-eyed and scouring the net for E3 news already (just 3 more days!), I really hope Sony’s response to the Oculus Rift isn’t going to be their prize pony this year. There should definitely be a level of excitement for this new step in gaming, but gimmicks don’t make games worthwhile. The Kinect and entire Wii systems have proven that. And before you throw accusations around, I own and play them both!

Now skip ahead to 2:05 to see the live demonstration of Project Morpheus! My favorite part aside from Fallon screaming like a girl? How Tatum calmly focuses on how to gain control of the battlefield…by shooting a bolt through Fallon’s VR head.