Ubisoft looks to take over E3

Looking back at last year’s E3, the most talked about thing were the next-gen consoles. Fast forward to 2014 and it seems this year’s E3 will be focused on games and the next-gen console experience. With this shift, I believe that publisher Ubisoft will be the  presenters that take the show this year.

If you look back on Ubisoft’s E3 2013 presentation they made quite the impression. The publisher showcased game play from Far Cry 3 which received praises from critics and went on to sale over 9 million copies. That same year Ubisoft showcased Watch Dogs, one of the few titles to not leak prior to the show. Even though Watch Dogs was released almost a year after E3 2013, it has been the fastest selling new IP for the company.

Looking at what Ubisoft did last year and what has been leaked about their E3 2014 conference things are looking promising. What we do know about Ubisoft’s presentation is that they will be showcasing Far Cry 4, The Division, Assassin’s Creed Unity, and The Crew. Each of these titles has garnered a bit of buzz and hype. FC4 has received backlash over its cover art, ACU has had some images turn up over the internet, The Division has had a trailer and a delay and lastly The Crew has been one of the most talked about racing games.

As the leaks continue to come in and E3 inches closer it will be interesting to see what publishers and developers do as they take the stage at the conference. Given its E3 track record and its line up, Ubisoft will be one of the publishers to watch out for at E3 2014.