What is the TVGB Team Playing? / June 2014


Cody Shults (Executive Editor)

After Cody’s first taste of the Caribbean city builder, Tropico 4, he could not get enough. He had played numerous playthroughs and DLCs as “El Presidente” of his own little island and found paradise plenty of times. But curious Cody, who loves city-builder games, had to try out SimCity. How disappointed was he when the urban city builder turned out to be a failure!

However, after hearing that a successor to Tropico 4 was soon approaching, he found hope. To satisfy his craving for the Caribbean lifestyle, he decided to review the voodoo-themed roguelike game, Full Mojo Rampage, which he found very enjoyable.

Today, Cody has been playing his fair share of Tropico 5 and enjoying every minute of it. In fact, he also wrote a review comparing the fifth installment from the fourth recently.


Arthur Damian (Editor)

Arthur has a love-hate relationship with Donkey Kong Country Returns. While he loved the original version that came out on the Wii in 2010, he hated the game’s forced motion controls, especially when he had to obtain the gold medals on the time attack mode. The Wiimote failed to register shakes, so Donkey Kong refused to roll and be faster.

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, on the other hand, is all controlled via the 3DS’s buttons, which allows Arthur a fighting chance to obtain all of the game’s collectibles. Unfortunately, the gold medals seem to be a feat only people with godly powers can attain. Since playing the newer port, Arthur has failed at least 30 times on the temple levels due to its incredible difficulty.


Nick Christophi (Senior Author)

Nick was originally torn between Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad (RO2) or INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat to get. He was able to, however, pick up Game of the Year Edition of RO2 a few weeks ago when Steam gave it away for free. The serendipitous offer has been a great one, as he has spent over 30 hours in the game since and has been enjoying every single moment of it. He claims that RO2 is the most realistic shooter he has ever played. He also thinks it is the closest experience being on the Eastern Front of World War II anyone would ever want to get.


Kenneth Cummings (Author)

Kenneth, who recently bought a new gaming rig after his PC had died last month, has been desperately trying to catch up on a few older PC games: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Star Wars: Battlefront II.

If pugilist is an actual class in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, then his Wood Elf would perfectly fit the bill. His elf has been punching everything, friend or foe, in sight. The land of Cyrodiil better watch out.

His decision to purchase and play Star Wars: Battlefront II was based heavily on two factors: the imminent shutdown of the GameSpy servers this month and nostalgia.


Albert Eres (Author)

Albert is testing out the capabilities of his shiny new PS4 by playing two games that were offered free as a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Speaking of shiny, Contrast is an excellent puzzle platformer game that utilizes elements of light and shadow. Speaking of new, Stick It to the Man is a recently released game that utilizes zombies and comedy.

Robert Gordon (Author)

There are three reasons why Robert is enjoying Bravely Default on the 2DS. First, its fresh new take on the typical turn-based combat on most JRPGs. Second, its drop-dead gorgeous music that makes him feel like a twelve-year-old kid again. And finally, the perverted antics of Ringabel.


William Hylton (Author)

William handles his love for videogames in different ways. For example, to linger in his love for Naughty Dog’s action horror game, The Last of Us, he has been trying not to play it too much. Usually, he needs a year from a beloved videogame to pick it up again, but the game’s realistic survivalist concept draws him in. It also does not help that The Last of Us is the closest he gets from experiencing Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, a tale of a father and son’s journey in a post-apocalyptic world.


Isis (Author)

Isis has been buddying up with friends and strangers to play her games this month. She and a friend had rekindled their addictions to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim when they bought a couple of DLCs and installed a few mods. She is currently wielding an overpowered crossbow and is working through the Black Book quests. That is, if she gets unstuck on this one particular area, since she looked at the wrong book first.

She has also been playing Monster Hunters 3 Ultimate with a friend from Holland, who she has helped rank up before going for the good gear. Interestingly, while fighting the high-ranking Alatreon, she and her friend met a fellow hunter who preferred to fight the “Blazing Black Dragon” without gear (i.e., naked) to show off his skills. The hunter was not trolling, surprisingly, and was serious about his skills. Unfortunately, his skills were not good enough as he triple carted and left port blaming Isis and her friend for his deaths.


Michael Phillips (Author)

Michael, who finds most first-person shooters’ storylines boring, was surprised that the recently released Wolfenstein: The New Order has a very interesting one. He is currently hooked into the game not just because of the storyline but also the game’s insanity of dual wielding sniper rifles and/or giant weapons to destroy crazy Nazi robot soldiers.

On the other hand, his love for the RPG classic, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (SotN), has left him wanting another Castlevania game just like it. He has been avoiding reviews of all Castlevania installments, in hopes of being surprised that one of them will just be a quarter of SotN. He has been on a journey to play all the installments and has finally got around to playing Castlevania: Lords of the Shadow.


Robert Price (Author)

Robert, who is currently operating with one hand due to an injury, has been searching for a game he can play with his Razer Naga gaming mouse. With the recent release of Transistor, he believes he has found it. He was a fan of Bastion, the first game from Transistor’s creator, Supergiant Games, so naturally, he had to play the second game. Although the controls and gameplay may be tight, especially for just using one hand, he is enjoying the platformer’s original gameplay and soundtrack by Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett.


Matt Thames (Author)

Matt is having a Zelda-themed gaming session by playing the newest installment, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and replaying the remake, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (OoT), on his 3DS. Matt is no stranger to The Legend of Zelda series. His first exposure to the series was in eight grade, when he used his Christmas money to purchase the gold cartridge of the original game.

He is actually introducing his son to the series by letting him play OoT. He is also introducing his son to the finer points of classic JRPGs with Blue Dragon on the Xbox 360. He enjoys giving his son advice on strategy during tough battles.


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