REVIEW / Lili: Child of Geos (PC)


Lili: Child of Geos is a quirky, light-hearted game that even the most hardcore gamer would enjoy. While I was originally lured in by the gorgeous graphics that Lili: Child of Geos has to offer (I’m shallow that way), I stayed for the fun, easygoing story and gameplay. As you start the game, you gain control of Lili. She is a student from a magical college who sailed to the mythical “Island of Geos” in order to do research for a class. She’s on assignment by her professor to collect rare flower samples and has sailed to Geos to find them. While on the island she discovers that it is inhabited by friendly wooden constructs and oppressive, masked spirits who rule them. Lili arouses suspension as soon as she arrives because the inhabitants had never seen a human before. The mayor of the island is exceptionally menacing to Lili, telling her to get on with her business and leave. However, Lili’s outgoing personality and kind heart leads her to stay and help the wooden constructs put an end to the tyranny the spirits have imposed on the island of Geos.


This is Lili, the protagonist. A friendly and cheerful, yet determined college student.


The primary tasks you perform in Lili: Child of Geos involve fulfilling odd jobs and requests made by the wooden construct residents (seen above) of Geos. This involves anything from finding X and bringing it to Y to track down someone and telling them some vital information. While this initially does not sound very exciting, the game adds some equipment Lili can save up for and purchase, making her time in Geos much more pleasant. Doing quests, collecting flowers and earning money allows Lili to invest in many helpful items, including: a key to open any door on the island, shoes to make her run faster, invisibility potions and flash-bang grenades. These pieces of equipment, along with others, can be purchased with money earned in-game. These weapons give Lili the edge she needs to take on spirits through Lili: Child of Geos‘s unique combat system.


Here are just some of the many residents on the islands of Geos.


The combat system in Lili: Child of Geos is quite literally a wild ride. Lili learns early in the game that the rarest flowers on Geos grows on the back of the oppressive Spirits that rule the island and harass the wooden constructs. Knocking out two birds with one stone, Lili chases down spirits, leaps on them and plucks the flowers from their backs…forcefully. The spirits, identified by the masks they wear, do their best to fight back. When Lili sees a spirit, they’ll begin to flee, some even throw bombs behind them, attempting to slow Lili down.


Here is how Lili combats the Spirits of Geos.


If you have the right equipment however, you can easily gain on them and leap on their back, beginning the combat mini-game. When the mini-game starts, Lili is clinging to the spirit’s back looking for flowers to pick. The spirit does not approve of this situation at all and does it best to fight back, growing thorns, false flowers and bombs in an attempt to knock Lili off its back. The only way Lili can successfully defeat the spirit is by picking the correct kind and number of flowers. This sounds simple but when the spirit is rocking back and fourth, growing multiple things at once, many of them bad to grab, it becomes challenging to click and pull the right flowers. Once defeated though, you’ll get a large sum of money, a score on how well you did and the Spirits mask which can be equipped for decoration.


The Island of Geos is a magical place with a variety of beautiful places to explore.


Lili: Child of Geos is a fun-filled adventure that will take the player all over the mysterious island of Geos. This adventure game can be picked-up and enjoyed by anyone no matter their gaming preference. With whimsical landscapes, hilarious characters and a classic underdog story, Lili: Child of Geos is worth picking up on Steam.