SoulCalibur- Lost Swords resurrects Cervantes

Free-to-play title SoulCalibur- Lost Swords is getting an impressive update to its small roster. Despite the fact that the SoulCalibur series features over 50 characters, the f2p title Lost Swords only includes a few. Players have access to three default characters (Mitsurugi, Sophitia, Siegfried) and 7 unlockable characters.

It’s a great thing that the update will be adding the immortal pirate Cervantes to the Lost Swords roster. Cervantes is most known for releasing the powerful evil Soul Edge upon the world.


Players have from June 12 to June 25 to unlock Cervantes and leave a trail of terror across the Atlantic. Lost Swords is currently available on the PS3, for more information you can visit Lost Swords‘ website here.