Supergirl joins Infinite Crisis, trailer outlines her destructive powers

Turbine has announced the latest addition to its free-to-play MOBA, Infinite Crisis: Supergirl! On July 2nd, players can start using Superman’s cousin, who is a brawler that likes to get up close and pummel her enemies into submission.

Supergirl, as the story goes, followed the same path as Superman when their planet Krypton was destroyed, but her vessel took decades to reach Earth. As a result, Supergirl had to wrestle with her powers almost immediately upon landing, and was told by her cousin that they are the only surviving members of Krypton, which is the worst way to wake up from a long nap.

Look at that cheesy grin! A girl after my own heart

Kara Zor-El is fast, strong, and always ready to throw down, and the trailer below showcases her powers perfectly. Players can sign up for the beta here and start enjoying Infinite Crisis while they wait to play as Kara. Anyone joining the crisis now that Supergirl has been unveiled?

Supergirl, seen here kicking the crap out of a McDonald's Happy Meal toy

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