Call of Duty: Ghosts Invasion DLC Pack hits the PSN and Windows PC July 3rd

Call of Duty: Ghosts players who prefer not to game on Xbox but love DLC have reason to celebrate: the Invasion DLC Pack will be hitting PS3, PS4, and PC on July 3rd. The title’s 3rd DLC Pack, Invasion contains 4 new multiplayer maps with special field orders and the third chapter in the game’s four-part episodic Extinction storyline, “Awakening.”

Death Mariachi is most pleased with this news

Let’s take a look at the new maps and what they offer:

Departed – set in a Mexican town during the Dia de los Muertos, gamers who complete the Field Order will unlock the Death Mariachi killstreak, who wields two pistols and turns enemies into temporary squad mates by MURDERING THEM.

Pharaoh – at an ancient Egyptian palace, inside an abandoned archaeological site, players will have to compete with each other, scarabs, and falling monuments, because the gods hate them. Completion of the Field Order here will unlock Anubis, who protects players from death.

Mutiny – a Caribbean island is the backdrop for this map, so naturally, PIRATES! The Field Order for this stage will unlock two ghost pirates who down enemy players, probably while doing their best Jack Sparrow impression.

Favela – this Brazilian town was a favorite in CoD: MW2, and has been updated for Ghosts (towns that were under construction before are now complete, while others that were standing are crumbling down). Air support from a nearby Y-8 Gunship is Favela‘s reward for completing the Field Order.

In “Awakening,” gamers continue their assault on the alien underworld, utilizing hi-tech weapons to reach the Ark and unlock the secrets of the Ancestors’ powers (sounds like Raiders of the Lost Ark, so I’d be wary of face melting).

Invasion can be yours as part of the discounted Season Pass or by itself. Naturally, one needs CoD: Ghosts to play this DLC, so make sure you have the game before you download Invasion. Anyone picking this up?

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