Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition coming next month


Publisher Deep Silver announced today that they will be releasing a National Treasure Edition of Saints Row IV for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC platforms.

For those of you who haven’t grabbed this game yet but want to partake in some wacky mayhem, now is a good time to invest.  The National Treasure Edition will include all 29 mission and content DLC, giving you direct access to a multitude of costumes, vehicles, and weapons.  You will also be given the ‘Merica Gun, which was previously only available in the Commander in Chief Edition.  Nothing says freedom like the ‘Merica Gun: a combination light machine gun, sub machine gun, auto shotgun, heavy pistol, minigun, rocket launcher, flamethrower and combat knife (if for some reason your target gets past everything else) all-in-one gun.

The Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition will be available for $29.99, both in retail stores and through digital download some time in mid-July.  Unfortunately, the game will not include Nicholas Cage.