New Sacred 3 trailer promotes hero one-upmanship


Publisher Deep Silver announced a few months ago that the action RPG franchise, Sacred, would get a new addition this summer in the form of Sacred 3.  Today, they released a new CGI trailer showcasing the idea that prestige found on the battlefield doesn’t have to be shared equally among heroes.  In fact, one of the main draws of the game is that, while players must cooperate in order to achieve their end goals, there is always an opportunity to do it better than your companions.  Even the title’s tagline is “Victory is ours.  Glory is mine.”

Sacred 3 is an action RPG featuring a number of classes, each with their own unique, upgradable skills and weapons to fit all players’ styles.  The game features classic arcade-style hack-n-slash gameplay with a cooperative multiplayer function centered on the ability of players to drop in/drop out of games at-will.  Multiplayer will be available to play both locally (2 player) and online (4 player), with prominent quest statistics and online leaderboards to further drive that competitive spirit among players.  For more information, check out the series’ website.  Sacred 3 will be available on PC as well as Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles later this summer.