Nintendo votes to keep Iwata in the President’s chair

It has been a tough year or so for embattled Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, with the company being consistently outperformed by its rivals Microsoft and Sony.  However, Iwata will like be indulging in a sigh of relief, as the Nintendo Board of Directors has once again elected him to remain in the position of president of the company.

Satoru Iwata will continue at the helm of Nintendo... after all, a captain is supposed to go down with his ship

After the Wii U failed to match the impressive sales of its predecessor, Nintendo had been under considerable pressure to step up its game and to steer in a new direction. Iwata in particular had come under fire for Nintendo’s failings (being president and all), and open talk within the industry about possibly replacing him appeared to put his position at risk.

However, the company’s board of directors has voted to maintain his position at Nintendo, as reported by CVG. Nintendo’s performance at E3 this year was relatively well met, and this, coupled with a strong boost in sales thanks to Mario Kart Wii U, may have contributed to the renewed confidence afforded to Mr Iwata.

The president recently unveiled his vision of the Nintendo Wii U being a ‘quality of life’ platform, in which he expressed that Nintendo was 100% an entertainment company, but that didn’t necessarily just mean video games. It seems that health, and making health and exercise fun, is to play a big part in Nintendo’s future, for better or worse. Given how Microsoft’s attempted shift of emphasis away from games went with the Xbox One last year, it will certainly be interesting to see how successful Iwata and Nintendo will be.