Deep Silver to publish retail version of Goat Simulator, out mid-July

Remember when we reported on the physical release of Goat Simulator, thinking it was UK-only? No more: publisher Deep Silver has acquired the North American distribution rights to the quirky PC title, and it will release at participating retail stores for $9.99 by mid-July.

Space Goat!

The retail version of Goat Simulator will include all of the patch 1.1 content, which adds new goats, the ability to ride a bike and skateboard, a new map, and a local four-player split screen multiplayer mode. There will also be new game modes like Capture the Flag, Racing Mode, and Ragdoll Hockey. Players can also create their own goats, levels, missions, and more, since Goat Simulator supports Steam Workshop. Considering the game is already crazy fun with all of its bugs and indestructible goats, I’m sure the fan community will create incredible combinations that will give Goat Simulator endless replay value.

More info on Goat Simulator can be found at its website. Anyone picking this up in all of its boxed glory?!

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