Constant C puzzler celebratetes PS3 release with strange music video


Game developer and anime music record label company 5gp. Games / Mages released their gravity-defying puzzler, Constant C, on the PS3 today.  As a way to commemorate this release, the company has worked with the electronic rock band I Fight Dragons to produce a music video for the the game, titled “Pretend.”  It’s… interesting, to say the least.  Go ahead and give it a watch:

If the video didn’t make it crystal clear to you, Constant C is a 2D puzzle game where you manipulate both time and gravity to make it through a lone space station whose halls are lined with dangerous obstacles.  For some reason, time is being distorted around the station, and it’s up to the Rescue Robot to discover clues and figure out what caused this event to occur.  Constant C delivers over 100 physics-based puzzles to solve utilizing your wits and some clever space/time control.

Constant C was already released on XBLA and Steam this past March, and the PS3 joins the list today as a digital download through the PlayStation Store.  No matter your choice of platform, the game will run you $9.99.  For more information, check out the Constant C website, or take a look at the official trailer for the game here: