Sheltered announced for PC

Team 17 and Unicube have announced that they are working on a pixel-style post-apocalyptic survival game called Sheltered.

Sheltered will pit players with the task of keeping their family alive in an underground bunker, following a catastrophic apocalyptic event. It will not have a story, and will be entirely open-ended. Players will supposedly have to make difficult moral decisions, and will have to decide exactly how to keep their family by maintaining their shelter and managing resources. We’ll also be able to take risky trips out into the wasteland to scavenge for useful items, and encounter other survivors.

A kickstarter campaign was recently launched, and the game has managed to raise £20,490, exceeding its funding target by around £5,000.

A PC release is planned for sometime in 2015, while further releases on consoles are also being considered. More details can be found at the official Kickstarter page.

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