Broforce 33% off through Steam this Independence Day weekend, new update added

Free Lives’ most patriotic game known to man, Broforce, is now 33% off on Steam, today through the 4th of July weekend (what better way to celebrate fireworks than with massive amounts of explosions?).

This is the whole game in a nutshell

Broforce has also been updated on Steam Early Access, with two new bros, revamped sound design and voiceover, and a smattering of gameplay updates based on fan feedback now available in the Death From Above update.

The first new bro is the sexy Cherry Broling, who hovers above the battlefield and unleashes hell from her assault rifle leg. The second is Colonel James Broddock, who deals exclusively in grenades. Check out two GIFs of them in action!


Don't people enjoy grenades anymore? Why is everyone fleeing in terror?

Another new edition to Broforce is the voice of Finnish sound designer Joonas Turner, who will serve as the game’s new announcer and will most likely slam players with Finnish insults when they fall in battle. New gameplay tweaks and bug fixes have been applied to Broforce too, so check out the Steam Forums for a full list of changes. Anyone AMERICAN ENOUGH to get Broforce this weekend?

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