What is the TVGB Team Playing? / July 2014


Cody Shults (Executive Editor)

Cody, who recently received a brand spankin’ new PS4 for a huge milestone in adulthood, decided to pick up Watch Dogs to test it out and christen it. Being from the Chicago area, Cody wanted to romp around the virtual city and become the elite hacker he believes he is destined to be.

There are a few things he’s learned from playing the game. First, cops are a lot smarter than the ones from Grand Theft Auto V. Second, driving is a bit clunkier than Grand Theft Auto V. As an example, he felt that SUVs drove like a heavy metal box with wheels. Third, the game is very rewarding when one remains elusive and utilizes the environment to complete missions.


William Hylton (Editor)

Punishment (or S&M) may be William’s theme this month. He is currently trudging through Tomb Raider, and is astounded as how much pain Lara is put through. He does not think any other videogame character has been through as much hell as her, especially the gruesome death scenes.

He is also playing his dark, secret guilty pleasure game called Heavy Rain. That’s right. The beautiful blend of interactive drama, horror, and action has changed William’s view on games. He believes it is like a mixture of Saw, a movie he hates, and Seven, a movie he loves. The game does not leave any room for mistakes; one fumble can ultimately change the characters’ fates.

Just a disclaimer: Heavy Rain has some very disturbing scenes that even William’s wife cannot walk by his room when they are showing. Yes, they are that bad.


Arthur Damian (Editor)

Arthur recently picked up the souped-up edition of Guacamelee! and is loving all aspects of the game from the indie shout-outs, Nintendo references, gameplay, and visuals. The game’s Day of the Dead theme speaks to the inner Hispanic in him, and its gameplay reminds him of Super Metroid, one of his all-time favorite games.


Andrew Burrage (Editor)

Andrew couldn’t believe that he forgot that he had the gorgeous game, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and it took a friend to recommend it for him to remember. He is also playing Braid on his PC, another equally beautiful artistic game, after purchasing it during the massive Steam sale this month.

He loves the simplistic controls on Dust: An Elysian Tail and the paradoxically easy to grasp, yet tough to master puzzles on Braid.


Derek Bartnett (Senior Author)

Derek is calling out to all fans of RPGs and Marvel to play Marvel Heroes, a generous free-to-play MMORPG that celebrated its first anniversary last month.

Albert Eres (Author)

Say goodbye to Albert for a few months. He just started playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, which he heard is the fastest game of the trilogy (in terms of length). However, knowing the fact that it took him almost three years to platinum the first and a few months for the second, he presumes it might be the case for the third.

He is also a little panicky about the game’s internal timer and how giving players freedom to roam around can be costly. He does appreciate the game’s replay value because of the internal timer.


Alex Pineda (Author)

Alex is enjoying some good violent fun with Wolfenstein: The New Order and some good 8-bit retroactive nostalgia with Shovel Knight.


David Logan (Author)

David is a huge Transformers fan and had been anticipating the conclusion of the Transformers: War for Cybertron series that came out four years ago. Despite many reviews out there that think that Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark had not stepped outside the gameplay of the first two games, David actually enjoys it. He is only about two hours into the game and claims that there is a real challenge to the game about sentient robots.


Michael Phillips (Author)

It seems that Michael is also taking notes on how Watch Dogs compares to Grand Theft Auto V. He actually favors the shooting bits on Watch Dogs than Grand Theft Auto V. As for the hacking, the game made him feel like some kind of wizard by allowing him to manipulate the world of a game than having the world dictate the way he played.

However, the story was not comparable to Grand Theft Auto V as well as the driving (like Cody mentioned).


Kenneth Cummings (Author)

Another victim of the Steam Summer Sale 2014, Kenneth picked up these two games after sitting through several hours of The Roy Rogers Show. He has been gunslingin’ away since then.


With the summer heating up, we want to know, what are you guys playing? Put it in the comments below.