Sunset Overdrive opening cinematic and gameplay released

Insomniac Games’ third person action title Sunset Overdrive has received a nice new set of videos; namely an opening cinematic and gameplay footage. Due out in October, Sunset Ovedrive has always looked a bit… loud… and the opening cinematic confirms its colorful world and heavy dose of humor. The opening cinematic sets up the game’s story with a little bit of corporate marketing satire, as a drinks company unleashes its new energy drink, OverCharge Delerium XT. Unfortunately for consumers, the drink isn’t quite up to scratch in terms of health and safety, and soon Sunset City is crawling with… er… timesplitters? Or, you know, something.



Next, we have some gameplay footage that gives us another glimpse of what we can expect to be doing in Sunset City. Below, courtesy of Arekkz Gaming, we can see some combat in a fairground-type area. The action has a punky, comic book feel to it, and it certainly seems a refreshing change from all the gritty shooters we have saturating their realism. Go away realism, we’re sick of you.



Sunset Overdrive is due for release on October 28, and will be an Xbox One exclusive (unfortunately for PS4 players).