Upcoming indie MOBA Games of Glory releases gameplay trailer


French and Swedish game studio Lightbulb Crew just released a gameplay trailer for their freshman game, Games of Glory.  Their addition to the genre sets itself from the others by offering a “divergent” free-aim system, different roles for individual players, and unique gameplay styles for their characters.  The team takes inspiration from the hack ‘n slash arcade games that are so prevalent in the third-person single-player category and applies it to their battle arena, combining the fast-paced intensity of those games with the deep strategizing that comes with playing on a team (unless you’re Leeroy Jenkins).  The video shows a couple of weapons that can be utilized by some of the characters, but other available weapons include rocket launchers, claws, sniper rifles, and more, which can all be applied to customize your character most fitting to your play style.  Games of Glory is due out later this year for PC.  For more information, check out the studios’ website.