Homefront’s future uncertain as director leaves Crytek

The ever-troubled Homefront franchise appears as if it has been unable to lift the curse that seemingly rests upon it. According to Kotaku’s sourcesHomefront: The Revolution‘s game director, Hasit Zala, has resigned from Crytek UK, leaving the game’s future looking pretty shaky. It seems as though there has been a slew of departures from the studio recently, as staff have either left or are openly looking for a new job. 

Those that have left include Crytek UK development manager Ben Harris, and studio head Karl Hilton has also said he will be leaving his post, albeit for another within the company. There have been persistent rumors about staff going unpaid for long periods of time as Crytek struggles through financial difficulty, and if the studio’s senior management continue their exodus to greener pastures, we could end up with a company with no direction and no unity. 

All this spells serious trouble for Homefront‘s prospects. The open world shooter debuted shortly before E3 this year, giving hope that business was continuing as normal at Crytek; whether these latest developments have a damaging impact on the game, we will just have to wait and see.