Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty reveals pre-order bonuses

Anyone who grew up with a Playstation One will surely remember Abe from the Oddworld series with fondness. What other game allowed you to make tactical use of your farts whilst maintaining legitimately brilliant platforming gameplay? To anyone who hasn’t revisited Oddworld since, the announcement of Oddworld Inhabitants’ recreation of Abe’s Odyssee probably came as wonderful news; the current gaming scene could do with a little injection of humor.

For anyone loved up enough at the prospect of more Abe to pre-order the game for PS4, developers Just Add Water have just announced that there will be a couple of bonus features. (Oh, yes, and this will only apply to gamers in the US and Canada. Thanks, from London.) The first bonus will be a free extra mission, entitled Alf’s Escape, as soon as it is available as downloadable content after the game’s launch.

The second bonus feature will be the costume pictured above. Okay, so it isn’t going to feature on any fashion runways in Milan or Paris, but, ‘cmon, that little hat is pretty cute. It is called the ‘Scrub Abe’ costume, and is apparently the standard factory cleaner attire.

Anyone with a Playstation Plus subscription will get this bonus content for free anyway, without pre-ordering, as long as the game is purchased within two weeks of its July 22 release date. This also, thankfully, applies to customers in Europe. However, there is no news so far on whether any of this bonus material will carry over to other platforms such as PC and Xbox One.

That aside, don your fez and prepare your farts; you can be playing Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty in just over a week.