Adventurzator: When Pigs Fly coming to Steam Early Access

Brazilian developer Pigasus Games will be releasing its premier title: Adventurzator: When Pigs Fly on Steam Early Access on July 23rd. Adventurzator is an adventure-game-developing game that seeks to cut out the middleman of complicated technical knowledge for users by offering robust tools for emergent design. Characters, levels and campaigns can all be created and shared between players/creators, along with cutscenes to tie together their original narratives. One of the big selling points is the ease of interaction between objects in the world- in the words of the developers, “Objects dynamically interact with each other – no need to manually make a cup and a water fountain find what they can accomplish together.”

The When Pigs Fly portion of the title refers to the pre-made example campaign, only six levels (out of twelve) of which will be released during early access “to avoid spoiling too much.” To summarize, on July 23rd you will be able to buy part of a game in which you make games, only part of whose toolset will be released, which features- within it- a game that is intentionally incomplete. And you won’t get the whole campaign until that murky early access “end date” is reached, regardless of whether or not you paid the full price. To be fair, Pigasus seems to be trying to manage consumer expectations as fairly as possible; they recommend waiting out the early access unless you’ve got a “mid-range video card or better (GF450+/HD5750+).”

I don’t want to call a game bad before it releases, and there doesn’t seem to be any info to suggest that Adventurzator, when it’s officially released as a full game, shouldn’t at least be decent. However, for gamers who don’t want to throw $15 (early access buyers get a 25% discount from the promised $20 at release) around on a hopefully-decent product that has had content intentionally withheld* I urge you to stay your wallets. Adventurzator could provide a lovely platform for user-friendly, shareable game-creation. When such a product is released, be sure to check back.

* Currently only levels 1-3 are finished, but assuming that the rest are developed during the course of early access then 6-12 will be withheld until full release.