Mighty Adventure Now Available for Download

A new entrant in the ever expanding realm of app games has been introduced, and by all means, it looks to be a Mighty Adventure of big fun. The recently released Mighty Adventure plays as a hybrid of a platform game and a running game, in the action and adventure genre. Bursting with a kaleidoscope of colors, this high quality game might just addict you, like cotton candy sticking to your fingers.

The game features three pint-sized characters that players control and with a very neat feature, can be toggled through with the touch of a button. While using each character’s distinct ability to either double jump, stomp or dash, players whirl through four vividly, hand-drawn worlds, as they quest through 40 magical levels. As players switch between the three characters in real time, the game provides endless entertainment squishing hordes of foes, gathering bubbles with the ultimate goal of beating every level in order to save Elder Master from the terrible clutches of the Big Boss.

Mighty Adventure cruises along in the spirit of Sonic the Hedgehog, but with a more cartoonish and bubble gum aesthetic. Between the action words that blow up on screen (Think “mighty” and “wow”) and the Youtube trailer featuring the iconic classical song “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” the game looks to play at a frenetic pace for non-stop fun. The game is available for iPhone and iPad now, with a special, limited time price of $0.99.

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