AirMech Arena closed beta coming soon

Ubisoft revealed a free to play real-time strategy called AirMech Arena shortly after the festivities of PAX East being developed by Carbon Games. Starting July 23, interested persons can start playing the closed beta.

Need reminding of what AirMech Arena is all about? I admit, PAX East was a while ago, and now that E3 has come and gone, it seems even farther away. Here is the official description of the game courtesy of UbiBlog:

Take control of transforming robots and rule over the battlefield by capturing bases and building armies to help you clear the field of your enemies. Team up in the cooperative multiplayer, head out on your own in the single-player, or take on your friends in the competitive multiplayer with teams of two to three players. The closed beta will include all the features slated to be present in the final product, including these three types of gameplay.

If you want to be among those on the battlefield for the closed beta, be sure to head over to official site to sign up.