id Software reveals DOOM at QuakeCon 2014



id Software unleashed the first ever gameplay footage of their upcoming DOOM just yesterday at QuakeCon 2014. This was something that they had planned on doing after they dropped the DOOM teaser on YouTube last month (which we posted below for you).

Much to our dismay, and I am sure to many, no cameras were allowed in the venue during the reveal. Some may surface eventually because there are always those people who don’t follow the rules (I am looking at you Mr. Turn on Red when it says “No Turn on Red”)!

Jason Moth of Load The Game is reporting a bit more detail into the demo entails, so click through to check out what he has to say about it. Moth also implies that there may be an official video released during Gamescon that could possibly reveal the launch date of the game, but it also may just be rumor.

DOOM will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.