New Call of Duty trailer flaunts campaign story


Activision released a new trailer for their newest addition to the Call of Duty franchise: Advanced Warfare.

The trailer actually gives a pretty interesting look into a dystopian future where global terrorism has crippled governments and put the world in a state of panic.  Without the government to support a military, a private armed service called Atlas has risen to fight these terrorists.  The twist, though, is that when one person is given that much power, will they utilize that power to help, or to only further their ambitions?

In addition to the trailer, a press release revealed that Advanced Warfare will be available in three different collectors editions of the game: a Digital Pro Edition ($99.99), an Atlas Limited Edition ($79.99), and an Atlas Pro Edition ($119.99).  All three editions will include:

  • An Atlas-themed digital content pack, including an assault rifle and pistol, the Atlas exoskeleton and helmet, an Atlas player card to leave your mark on any killcam, an extra exoskeleton upgrade token, and five extra supply drops for multiplayer games.
  • A bonus multiplayer map, the Atlas Gorge, a re-envisioning of the Modern Warfare map, Pipeline.

In addition to these extras, the Atlas Pro and Atlas Limited Editions will also include:

  • An Atlas: Advance Soldier manual, featuring original concept artwork, as well as historical and tactical information.
  • A collectible SteelBook, featuring in-game artwork.
  • The official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare soundtrack.

Basically, the Pro Editions come included with a season pass for four DLC Map Packs (which will also be sold separately for those who choose not to get the pass), and the digital edition only comes with all the digitally-accessible items (no manual, SteelBook, or soundtrack).  These editions plus the regular game are currently available for pre-order, with a November 11 release date in store.  Since it’s a Call of Duty game and wouldn’t be complete without multiplayer, those wanting more information for those particular aspects of the game can find more information revealed on August 11, which will include more details about gameplay utilizing, the exoskeleton, as well as maps, modes, and weapons.