Point and Click title Randal’s Monday features the voice work of Jeff Anderson of Clerks fame

Randal's Monday

Randal’s Monday, the upcoming point and click adventure game from Nexus Games and Daedalic Entertainment, will be featuring the voice of Jeff Anderson, perhaps best known for playing Randal Graves on Kevin Smiths’ cult classic Clerks.

According to the developers, the casting of Anderson for the role of Randal in Randal’s Monday was something completely unexpected, but not coincidental. The developers have long been fans of the 1994 independent film, and Randal seems to invoke the laid-back and free-spirited Randal Graves, considered to be “master of his own destiny” as well as a “danger to the dead and the living.” Lead producer of the project, Enric Costa, further explains:

We are big fans of Jeff Anderson’s work but especially of his role in ‘Clerks’. When we first started to design this story in that filthy old garage, we could never have imagined that he would end up being the voice of our Randal. We know he is a very selective man when it comes to the projects he decides to participate in, so it’s a real honor for us to be able to have him on board and give life to our main character. Nobody else in the world could ever interpret Randal better than he does. It’s like the icing on the cake for this huge project

Point and click title Randal’s Monday will feature a lazy protagonist on a wild adventure heavily inspired by geek culture, and is scheduled to release Fall of this year. We can only hope that the moral ramifications of destroying the Death Star will be among many interesting topics of discussion when that time comes.

Source: The Gamer’s Temple