‘Shadow Realms’: Bioware’s mysterious new IP

Anywhere you’ve seen Bioware‘s name bandied around lately, it has probably been in relation to either Dragon Age: Inquisition or Mass Effect 4. However, it seems that these big titles aren’t the only thing that the developer has been working on. Shadowy live action trailers have just been released of a mysterious new IP steeped in the occult; “Shadow Realms” appears to be a tentative title at this stage.


The shadowy new project comes with the slogan ‘You’ve Been Chosen‘ – but what for? The trailers certainly don’t give much away. In one, it appears that the protagonist is having a nightmare, and sees himself in a car. He is also confronted with that staple of the horror genre, an alley full of discarded bicycles. If the thought of those rusty contraptions littering your neighborhood doesn’t scare you enough, the smokey, suited fella above might.

The other trailer plays on the terrifying experience of receiving persistent calls from an unknown number. Is it the bank, is it the electric company? There’s one that will send shivers down anybody’s spine. But what we don’t know is literally anything about the game; but if it’s as steeped in the supernatural and the occult as the trailers imply, it’ll be one worth watching out for.