Dying Light trailer reveals four-player coop

Techland have just released the Gamescon trailer for their new title, Dying Light, showing a ton of new in-game footage. The zombie survival game has this year been delayed, with the release date now looking to be some time early in 2015.

However, the most interesting detail to emerge from the new trailer, as reported by CVG, is that the game will feature four player co-op. This will of course be good news for anyone who is missing the zombie multiplayer in the Call of Duty franchise, or for anyone who loves zombie slaying in its glorious forms.

The game has been tentatively well-received so far, despite the genre’s prevalence in gaming, with some commentators praising the extra dynamic that night and day bring (zombies are far more aggressive in the dark). The new trailer looks pretty grisly, gory and, at points, terrifying, so having some buddies to help you out will be greatly appreciated.