REVIEW / Gods Will Be Watching (PC)


Gods Will Be Watching is a game so challenging, the developers had to release a patch dubbed the “Mercy Update” to make it easier. I had this game for weeks and could never get past the first challenge. This game was ridiculous. However, the Mercy Update, released earlier this week, made the game a much more pleasant (and playable) experience. Thanks to this update I was able to get past the first area (finally) and advance through the game. I went from a hostage situation where I controlled the criminals, to playing a guy being tortured. Gods Will Be Watching is definitely not for the faint of heart and is designed to push your brain to the limit through a series of puzzling point-and-click scenarios, difficult ethical decisions and moral choices.




Through six chapters of Gods Will be Watching, you follow the escapades of Sgt. Burden (appropriately named I think) and his crew. They are in the midst of an interstellar struggle and end up in many unfortunate situations, many of them mature in nature, from surviving in the wilderness to preventing the creation of biological weapons. As you play through the game, all your decisions are crucial and can/will affect the outcome of that particular chapter and the chapters ahead. For instance, there is a scene in the game (found in the screenshot below) where you can choose from three different actions when interacting with this man named Donald.  You can talk to him, repair his radio or kill him. -insert that escalated quickly meme here-. What you choose to do in this scene is up to you, but if you kill him, he’s gone. Plain and simple. No respawns here.



GWBW graphics look very vibrant and modern, yet retro all at the same time. Blows my mind. This is also the scene featuring Donald that I mentioned earlier. Notice the actions: Talk, Repair Radio and Kill. This game is hardcore.


As far as gameplay goes though, Gods Will Be Watching is a very simple point-and-click style of play. You read the narrative of all the characters, learn about what’s happening in this particular chapter/scene and proceed accordingly in different decisions and puzzles. Graphics are a treat…sort of. GWBW features a very interesting, pixelated art style, that looks very 8-bity. The picture below showcases the visuals that I’m verbally butchering in attempting to describe it.




My only complaint with GWBW was its difficulty. While you can still play the original mode (essentially hard mode), the Mercy Update really gave gamers some breathing room by introducing a plethora of different difficulty settings, including Narrative mode. In Narrative mode, you just talk to the people and do not have to deal with many (if any) puzzles and challenges. That way you can maintain some sanity and just enjoy watching the story unfold.

So if you think you got the physical and mental chops to take on Gods Will Be Watching, you can pick it up from Steam for 10 bucks. I’m going to be honest with you, this game intrigued the hell out me. You start off around a camp fire complaining about a group who wronged you and your buddies, then flashback to a hostage situation, then jump ahead in time to a torture room where this guy is beating information out of you. And this was only the first 5-10 minutes of the game! Gods Will Be Watching is nuts but in a good way. I personally have never played anything quite like it. The game’s personality is just so out there, but that’s what makes it a great buy. How unique an experience it is.